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The Best Way to ByPass MLB Blackouts for the 2021 Season!

This is the BEST way to bypass MLB blackouts in 2021. Whilst a VPN might help to bypass sports blackouts, this NEW method is a future proof method to bypass MLB blackouts and unblock more MLB games!

MLB Blackouts are very frustrating. This is especially a problem for MLB fans who experience blackouts when it comes to streaming their favorite local teams on devices like the Amazon Firestick or nVidia Shield.

Why do they do this?!

Major League Baseball is a major international sport at this point. Even though MLB has their own streaming app which broadcasts games, the Big TV networks hold the exclusive rights to broadcast the baseball games. So even if your favorite team may be a popular game for MLB, you can’t watch it unless you’re have cable TV and live in the area where the game is provider within that area.

To add insult to injury, even if you pay all that money for the subscription to the MLB Streaming App, you can’t watch the local games because you don’t have Cable. It’s MADNESS!

Is there anything you can do?

Yes, there is! Although you may not be able to watch local games on your Firestick under normal circumstances; ALL the games are available from other countries. You hear me right! If you don’t live in the country where most of these games are played, you can get ALL the MLB games played. It defies logic, doesn’t it?

How to Bypass MLB Blackouts for the 2021 Season and Beyond:

The best way to get passed this Major League Baseball injustice is by using the StreamLocator.

StreamLocator is the newest/best alternative to a VPN. It can unblock over 55 streaming apps/services all around the globe. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are or whether you’re on a Firestick, an Android TV box or any other streaming device.

Click here to watch my Review Video of the StreamLocator Hub on the CordCuttersLI Youtube Channel.

How does it Work?

The StreamLocator uses ‘smart DNS’ technology, to re-route your stream to another location. This bypasses the local MLB regional restrictions, providing you with all MLB games. StreamLocator supports the MLB app. It allows you to bypass ALL local sporting blackouts, by redirecting your stream to the MLB app. This method FULLY unblocks all MLB games, it’s as simple (although complicated) as that.

What’s Better than that?!

The StreamLocator hub will also unGEO-block over 55 different streaming apps, including DAZN, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu an SO MANY MORE!

But will I experience Buffering?

No! The great thing about the StreamLocator it doesn’t cause the drop in Speed and Performance most VPNs do. VPN Restricted Apps like Hulu, Amazon Prime, are NEVER restricted when using this device.

How can you get started with the StreamLocator?

If you’d like to give it a try, suggest heading over to the StreamLocator website here.

Special thanks to LeeTVStuff for contributing to this article..